Nacho is Misha’s unconditional companion. He is a Goldendoodle, 60 lbs, seven-years old. Adopted in Placitas New Mexico. Nacho is a healthy dog, besides suffering hip dysplasia, food allergies, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Nacho stands for: Neurotic, Anxious, Curious,  Happy Our dog:)Nacho’s daily routine is predictable, he wakes-up  to cuddle with Misha, he sleeps in his cage and comes to our bed before sunrise; he loves children, chasing birds, and cats; playing with toys and following Misha.  In a single given day Nacho brings to our family more feelings of happiness and frustration than any living creature could bring. Our Nacho is a great family member! Yet like any family member our Nacho has cost us over $7,000 on medical bills; and around $4,000 on travel expenses, food, toys and clothing. Nacho died in October 9, 2014. After his dead we move to Trebinje bosnia so I can recover from the trauma of euthanizing our first pet. He was so beautiful….and so lucky to have home in his name I will work to help other dogs who are less fortune.

Gilberto is a precious gift from my husband. Rescued from death penalty by the New Mexico Dachshund Rescued Group, he came to us when he was around a year-old. He is an 11 lb red smooth Dachshund he loves to eat and sit by the fire-place. Gilberto is named in memory of my father, besides my husband he is my best companion.  “Thank you to all animal rescuers, you are a true blessing” I love my dog. Unlike Nacho, Gilberto has no food allergies, neither emotional,  nor physical problems; he has a self assurance personality, loves  eating, cuddling, hiking, and kissing, Gilberto is a lap-dog, family dog; Nacho is a single person dog.  Gilberto is not to be trusted around children. I have taught our dogs to eat everything and anything and this has worked well for us and the dogs, of course not for our vet who probably is missing our fat check.

Adopting any pet is something to seriously be considered not only financially, but time–wise. Traveling with our dogs is much more expensive and difficult than traveling with children. Our dogs annual vet check up is $500.00; my annual check-up is  $200.00 and my husband’s general check up $75.00.

I like to mention that thank you to our  freelance business we can travel with our dogs and hep to support few homeless dogs. I am also very grateful to  Misha’s parents who care for our dogs so we can have some time away alone. Nacho:water and snow his passion!

Josefina, name after my mom  is our only bought dog, she is a bichon frize 2 years old. We bought her from a family in Banja Luka who were planning to responsible  breed only one time and then sterilization. They home their dogs in German, Italy, Mostar Bosnia and us, USA.

Josefina is a beautiful soul, in bosnia where I am writing  from, in general, dogs are not well care. I suffered seen them our best animal friends tide for life time. Many times no food, no water and not a clean home. I am using Gilberto and Josefina to teach parents and kids in the part the beauty of walking dogs in the leash. Because we are new in Trebinje Bosnia and I am foreign people do respond to my love for animals and children do play with dogs and are learning not to hit the homeless dogs